Emergency Support for Kathmandu:

For those looking for a Direct Aid option to help those in Kathmandu, we have established a special account for our upcoming visit where we will be helping to serve thousands of meals to those in need with our sister city* Curry Without Worry team. Thank you for your support!

Wells Fargo, account number 5237476964.
Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.


We have served over 235,000 meals, as of:

- We serve around 500 meals per week. 

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Consisting of Nine jewels, 
and five elements.
Nine Bean Sprouted Bean Soup
Vegetable Curry
Whole Brown Rice with Peas
Nan Bread Puri 
Tomato and Timmur Chutney


(This is a mostly Organic, and Vegan meal.)

* Important Disclaimer : 


Curry Without Worry - San Francisco makes no claim or representation regarding, and accepts no responsibility for, the acts and statements of any other non-profit acting under the name Curry Without Worry. This includes, but is not limited to, Curry Without Worry Kathmandu. Such organizations are independent and not under the control of Curry Without Worry San Francisco.


Curry Without Worry applauds the work of all charities worldwide that help feed the hungry, but inclusion or mention of any charity or non-profit organization on this website does not imply affiliation, endorsement or adoption by Curry Without Worry San Francisco. 



May 2nd Himalayan Evening

We at Curry Without Worry are excited to host this wonderful event,  celebrating our Nepalese culture while joining our volunteers and supporters in a fun evening!

The event will be a showcase with Curry Without Worry's signature 5 item vegetarian dinner, silent auction, short documentary about Curry Without Worry, followed by the formal program, live music and dance!


Saturday 2nd May 2015, 6pm - 11pm

MENU: Mixed Vegetable Curry, Dal Soup, Basmati Rice, Tomato-Timur Chutney, Roti Bread*

*Suitable for Vegans


- Welcome Drinks & Appetizers

- Formal Sit-Down Dinner

- Short Documentary

- Traditional Nepalese Dance followed by Live Band

- Evening Disco

 Note:  Suggested ticket price is $25

Register to Attend Here

We are a Non-Profit Organization Serving the San Francisco Population: 


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Welcome home. Namaste. The human connection. All one. East and West. Young and Old. All Beliefs. All walks of life.  Over 235,000 meals served, usually 250 at a time. 7104 Volunteers. Every Tuesday, rain or shine, for 229 weeks. Over one hundred humanities credits given to high school and college students. For everyone — for you. 

In fact, you should come! Every Tuesday, at 5:30pm on  The UN (Civic Center)  Plaza, in San Francisco and in downtown Kathmandu*.  If you can't come, you can sponsor a weekly dinner - feeding over 200 people -  for $250, sponsor us with a gift from our wish list, or volunteer ( we offer student credit ). If you can't do any of the above, just let the world know if you think we are doing a good thing here, by sharing us with your friends... using the social  buttons to the right. 


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See Potential in us? We have been a self sustabnable 501(c)(3),volunteer driven organization for the past 6 years. We have a proven track record, and welcome conversations from any organization, foundations, or corporations which may be interested in forging a partnership to engage our communities.

Our goal is to form socially responsible partnerships with businesses who would comit a given amount to a nonoprofit on a regular basis. You may contact currywithoutworry@gmail.com, or use the form to the right with any inquries. Namaste.

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Curry Without worry is made possible by the over 7000 volunteers, generous donations from our sponsors and supporters like you.

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